Family cats

DK Feldborg´s Narauko

Like most breeders I know I have, of course, a pile of Family Cats which we simply can not live without. 

DK Feldborg´s Narauko

My teddybear, I just love him. My lazyboy, he think´s the world is best from the couch or your lap.


Of corse we have housecoat´s, every breeder whit a respect for cat has af hausecat, i say.

He´s bottle feed by me. And some cat´s just don´t want to leve you. 
He was so small and cold. He came to me 2 days old. He was found in a pile of woods. 
 But now he is a big boy and we love him

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hvor er det super flot og hvad koster sådan en lille sag så ?

er der problemer med harpiks fra træet

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