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To be, or not to be.

That is a question you sometimes have to ask your selve. But why is it necessary.
Are you breeding cats, dogs, horses or any other animal. There will always be negative experiences and good experiences. Some worse than others. 
I got my Breeders name in 2006. So I am still a "green" breeder.  But i still walked the walk.  I can promise you it is something that eats away at one's forces, not to speak of what it does to one's family. It ended in a depression and I most of all wanted to drop everything called breeding and show´s.   
I have not quite got the courage to show's yet.  
But then what ?  The thoughts and ideas have been many. I could concentrate on all the motherless kittens out there. But hey, I do that anyway and have actually done it since 1998 now.
August 2014 I got a litter of lovely and beautiful and promising kittens. I kept a beautiful red boy gave a few neuters for my dearest friend and her family. Because of all the fuss.  Actually i gave her 5 kittens, selling them was never considered ore an option. But then there were this one boy. He was from a small kitten a loner and I think he thought that man was a necessity, not a  pleasure.
Once in a while he came and  to pet him  behind the ear or when Lucas was watching TV, he could lay beside him.  He was the invisible cat. He could easily with the other cats he just  prefer´s his  own  company. He´s never been in a fight and there has never been any after him. 
He LOVED however our dogs. Where he was asleep, there was also a dog. Chihuahua

We talked a lot and long back and forth about what to do with him. We could not sell a cat that just see´s humans are a overrated race. But we can´t keep all off our cats. So I put an ad in the Yellow & Free October 2015. It went like this.

DK Feldborgs Adeo is a beautiful and handsome boy looking for the right family.
Adeo is a quiet boy who prefers the quiet life, like a sunbeam or share the bed with our Chihuahuas whom he enjoys the company of.
He is the most lovely and quiet boy you can imagine.
But he is not the most affectionate boy,  I think sometimes he thinks people an overvalued race. He is not one who cares dragged around on, which is not necessary, considering he has four legs ;-)
Good, strong race typical for the Maine coon.

2 minutes after the ad was active, I got a text message from Helena. Their old cat had passed away and they would like to see Adeo. We talked back and forth about that he does not really like people. But they did´nt worried about it. Adeo would come when he came, and otherwise they had a lovely cat anyway. It was Saturday and they both came to visit. First, they were welcomed by all animals, dogs and cats stood in line around them and Hary who stole nearly all the attention enjoyed it. (Hary is a potbellypig)

Then came the visit from hell. The visits every breeder fears. Adeo flips. He thought it was the worst idea that these strangers would see him, and an even more idiotic idea that I found him so they could see him. UHH he was angry.  Said nothing  but  twisted like a snake and got free.  Sat on the couch and stared at us. But Helena was in love. Caught, he was again and then quickly in the transportcase. They had about 2 hours home. 
Whew, my stomach was a large bundle of knots. It was a big chance to take. There could explode a  bomb, or a field of flowers would  emerge.
 I could´nt relax   and did not expect to sleep much that night. What if he ran away from them and was gone.   Be still my heart. 

But late that afternoon the first message came.
We cuddled, studied and have found the place he will sleep. It's gonna be Alright.

I was HAPPY ..... A huge stone fell from my heart, and it was even better on Sunday morning when picture´s came.
5 days later came this message.
He seems to enjoy themselves. Sleep, play, eat and sleep. :-) He owns the place soon here. He is very affectionate and outreach. So we are happy. :-) It goes faster than we had expected. :-)
And of course he is with his people in the shower.
Since it's just been non-stop. DK Feldborg's Adeo has found its home.
I could not be happier for Adeo's new home and family. It's fantastic and it just proves once again that there is a home out there for everyone. You just have to be prepared to wait for the right one pops up.

Aden reminded me, why I got started as a breeder. 
It was not to make other breeders, or other people happy, or to dance to their tune. NO, I was breeding because I love cats and I love to see what my work lead to. The satisfaction to leave my kittens in a new family and knowing that I have done, will make the new family have a great cat, for many many years.

I will never be as active in the show world as before. But I will enjoy to breed the nicest family cats.
And who knows, maybe next year will be the year I will find the courage to   participate  at a cat show.

DK Feldborg Tina Nielsen

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